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Signs That It’s Time To Talk To A SEO Agency

When it comes to talking about SEO, there are various business owners who opt to go the DIY way but that is not going to build their business. Especially, when you are at the stage of early business growth, no business owner should get into the habit of shouldering every responsibility and wearing every hat.


There will come a time when you really have to admit to yourself that as a business owner you can’t take the responsibility of every business element. So whether it’s SEO or any other digital marketing aspect, its high time you wave the white flag and hire an SEO agency. Here are some pointers to keep in mind:


Do you think that SEO is something you can do once and then forget about it?:


The problem with some business owners is that they think that SEO is just a one day affair but that is not the case because for SEO to be successful it takes a lot of time.


While some SEO tasks can be updated in a day, to accomplish high rankings you will need a long-term SEO strategy. Once you have optimized your site, it can take an average of 4-6 months to start showing results. At that point, you will likely need to plan some of your strategies, or even change them all together.


You have been slapped with an SEO penalty, either now or in the past:


Manual actions are not joke. You have to know the exact rules and play within them. A penalty will hurt your rankings, bottom line or traffic of your web site. Unfortunately, most of the ethical business owners can be slapped by a penalty- even though the owner did not calculatedly do anything against the rules.


Do you think that SEO is only about content?:


Because content marketing and SEO overlap in too many different ways, many business owners plan all that’s needed for high rankings is to regularly make new content. They strongly believe that adding a new blog post each day and week can magically bring people to their business site.


You don’t have enough time or interest to learn SEO:


Almost anyone can learn to do SEO, by giving it enough training and time. But keep in mind there are more things to learn about SEO which will mean learning all aspects of the trade, including:

· Understanding how you can build or earn links in 2017.

· Knowing how you can optimize your site for both desktop and mobile version.

· Knowledge of basic CSS or HTML.

· An understanding of good site usability.

· Knowledge of how you can use email and social media to increase rankings and traffic for your web site.

You don’t have enough time to keep up with the changes in the SEO world:

It has been estimated that Google makes changes to its algorithms around 500-600 times every year. While these will not all be a huge changes, some can have a significant impact on your website rankings.


If you are struggling with any or all of these, then it is time to look for an SEO agency. Allow SEO professionals to work on your rankings so that you can focus on all the new clients you will be receiving.

How to Correctly Assess Backlink Quality

“Link building is sweat and creativity” said by Matt Cutts, the former head of the web spam team at Google. The process of assessing your website’s Backlinks needs to be planned carefully, so you won’t risk missing their quality and value”


There is no perfect time to do a backlink quality assessment, but rather it is a necessity. It’s a long and continuous process to have it end up how you planned it. If you have a small website, it’s easier to review the SEO data manually, however, if you have a bigger website, it is harder to verify all of it. Below we have explained some useful tips on how to correctly assess the backlink quality of your website.

Identify As Many Possible Referring Domains Using Several Backlinks Data Sources

Identifying as many linking root domains is a must. The higher the number of Backlinks, the higher the chance to improve your rankings and you can use several backlink tools to get a complete link audit. If you consider a single SEO backlink checker tool then make sure it gives you all the data you need so that you can easily import all the data from other sources. If you are looking for a free tool, Site Explorer is easy to use and offers great results using a free subscription. Another tool to try is Bing Webmaster Tool, it allows you to see your Backlinks through a longer procedure.


Check Domain Authority for Linking Root Domains

Since you are linked to different types of domains the higher the domain authority the better it is. If you have a bigger website, it’s important to have a natural distribution of domains with high influence and no influence. The situation can vary if you have a smaller website with a smaller number of Backlinks because in the long run, both PA and DA are important; the Page Authority where link is placed.

Evaluate the Naturalness of the Linking Page through an In-Depth Backlink Analysis

Make an on-page analysis of your each and every backlink. You need to review each Webpage that is linking to your website using the metrics:

  • Where is the position of a link: above the fold, body or footer.
  • What type of page is it on: blog post, blog comment, forum thread, author signature, video widget, banner, article, copyright photograph, short paragraph of texts and group of links?
  • How natural does that link shows on the page: OK, Suspect or Unnatural link.
  • Whether it’s a deep link or a homepage link.
  • The HTTP status of the page.

Identify the Social Share Magnitude of Your Backlinks

You can’t miss out on the social component to correctly assess the backlink quality of your website. Analyze the quality of your Backlinks by following the path of social sharing backward. Check if the page where you have Backlinks has shares in social media and engagement.

Social share and the engagement rate are amongst the most important social metrics. Social shares drive traffic to your website and social shares to pages where you have links sends qualitative traffic to your website and can even increase the conversion rate as well.

It is important to never go for shortcuts using link schemes, go for ethical link building strategy that shouldn’t stop after your links go live. This won’t give you the risk of getting your link removed or having lost links. You are not alone in this SEO journey, browse through the best tools to assess your Backlinks and boost the profitability of business on your own.

How Crawling Helps in SEO Ranking

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a great way to improve the ranking of your website. The whole SEO world works on two factors which are Google Crawling and Google Indexing. It’s important to get your website crawled in order to make it visible in the Google searches. This can be done with the help of Back links, internal links, SEO friendly content, by dealing with any canonical issues, etc. These steps will help your website to attain good ranking in Google searches. These SEO tips will result in faster indexing of your website.

First let’s just take a look what exactly Google crawling and indexing is:


Google Crawling

Crawling means following a path. In SEO, when Google bots or crawlers visit your website by following several links they take a screenshot and send this screenshot to the indexer.


Google Indexing

As the indexer receives the screenshot from the crawler, it reads the page and sorts it according to its content. This whole process is known as indexing.

If you don’t want Google to index a particular page on your website, then you can stop the bots by using Robots.txt.

It’s important to get your website crawled in order to make it visible in the Google searches. Here are some important tips to improve the crawling:


Back Links

Creating back links is the most important rule of SEO. In this, you put links to your website on several other websites, forums, blogs, etc. The Google crawlers then visit your website through these back links and thus crawls it.


Internal Linking

After the crawler has reached a particular page of your website through a back link, it will then reach other pages of your website by using internal linking with the help of anchor text. This process keeps on going and all the pages will be crawled. This is why it is important to have internally linked all your pages.


XML Sitemap

The XML sitemap makes it easier for the crawler to go through your website. It contains all the URLs of the website. The XML sitemap can be generated with the help of XML sitemap generator.


Duplicate Content

Always use original content that has not been copied from anywhere on the internet. Repetition of content is also prohibited. This falls under Plagiarism and Google bans websites that use copied content. The 404 pages should be dealt with a 302 or 301 redirections. Otherwise, it will also fall in the duplicate content category.


Canonical Issues and Meta Tags

Canonical issues of the website such as the URLs should be user-friendly. Unique Meta tags and Meta description should be used and they should include keywords. This will make easier search engines to identify your website through your Meta description.

Follow these steps to increase your rank in Google searches. These SEO tips will result in faster indexing of your website.


Most organizations use content writing along with SEO expert services as tools to introduce or rejuvenate their products and services in the market.

Sometimes to revive your strategy or to present your product or service in the market you can re-use or repurpose existing content with the addition of best search engine optimization (SEO) practices. Below we have listed some tips to repurpose your content.

alt="seo expert services content marketing"

Channelize Through Various Sources

Don’t restrict your content to only one purpose like blogs or facebook. Make the content flexible so that it can be used in various formats like e-book, articles, video or audio.

Cut It Short

Reduce the length of your existing content and use it on various social-sites like Facebook, Instagram, Quora, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. If your current content is lengthy just take the main points and share it on various platforms.

Choose The Best Content

For a particular client you might have written several pieces of content. Choose the best content and then distribute it to different content writers to repurpose the old content. This way you will get fresh content from various writers which can be used in several ways and forms.

Rejuvenate Existing Content

If you have existing content in your archives, review the content and rejuvenate it. Update it by adding existing information and make it relevant for today. Freshening-up content gives it a longer lifespan for users to find it.

Create A Guide

If you have a series of articles, blogs related to one topic. Then combine all of them together and create one content piece like a guide or a book. It should be precise and easy to read.

alt="content marketing keywords"

New Ideas To Share Your Content

Think of some new ideas to share your content and to reach the target audience. Present relevant information on infographics, videos, log guides, colorful images and textures. By doing this you can keep customers engaged in the content and it helps in connecting with the customers.

Make It User-Friendly

Create content that is user-friendly, fresh and enjoyed by the users on a large scale. Nowadays viewing content through videos has become easy and if a particular video is liked then it will be shared more often.

These are just some of the ways to re-purpose your content. SEO expert services use keywords, links, images, among other techniques to attract positive attention to content. The most important thing to remember is “Content is King”.

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