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10 Ways That Social Media Marketing Can Help Bolster Your Holiday Sales

Social media is one of the most helpful marketing tools in the industry today. It can help build your brand and increase awareness while also boosting your sales. For example, social media advertising has been cited as a big factor in increasing holiday orders.


In fact, some retailers are using social media to drive up their sales during major shopping seasons. In this article, you will discover how you can use social media to help boost your holiday sales as well as get more information about our Kansas City social media marketing firm.


1. Helps to Increase Traffic

Using social media to drive more traffic to your website will help you increase your holiday sales. In fact, shopping online is one of the biggest perks of using social media sites. This means that you need to promote your store on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook.


In addition, it is important to use the appropriate hashtags for each channel so people will find out about this promotion. However, you should also be aware that using social media to drive traffic to your website may not be effective or efficient if you have relatively low traffic.


2. Promotes Brand Awareness and Recognition

Using a Kansas City social media marketing firm can also help promote brand recognition. In fact, most online shoppers state that they seek out the opinions of people they follow on social media sites before making their purchase decisions. This suggests that your sales can soar if you advertise in a way that promotes your brand effectively. For instance, you can use social media to create appealing profiles and then develop highly engaging content for your target audience.


3. Allows You to Connect with Your Customers on a Personal Level

In addition to the above, using social media allows you to connect with your customers on a personal level. For example, you can use videos and images that appeal to your target audience to make a lasting impression.


Also, you can use your online profiles to share industry trends and stay relevant – this will help you to build trust with your audience over time. As a result of these efforts, you are likely to see a boost in your holiday sales. Finally, you can use a Kansas City social media marketing firm to help you with your social media advertising.


4. Allows You to Build Trust With Your Audience

In addition to the above, social media also allows you to build trust with your audience. To increase your trustworthiness, you should post content that is relevant to your audience. When you post relevant content to your audience, they will likely trust you more.


In addition, it is important to interact with customers who post on your page. In fact, one study found that brands that respond to customer comments and questions on a timely basis gain an advantage over their competitors.


As a result of these efforts, consumers will be more likely to purchase products from you and refer their friends and family members to your business for future purchases.


5. Increases Loyalty With Your Audience

Using social media allows you to build loyalty with your audience. In fact, one study found that businesses that use social media to give customers the information they want are more successful than those that don’t.


Therefore, if you provide users with the information they want, they will likely be more loyal to your business. In addition, businesses that frequently engage with their customers using social media tend to have high customer retention rates.


6. Helps You to Drive Repeat Customers and Word-of-Mouth Advertising

By using social media, you will also be able to drive repeat customers and word-of-mouth advertising. For example, through social media advertising, you can create a steady stream of content that features your products in action. Also, you can use this content to highlight the consumer reviews of your products, which will help to build trust with potential customers. As a result of these efforts, you are likely to see a boost in your holiday sales.


A happy woman holiday shopping on her tablet 

7. Can Show Your Company as a Responsible Business

Social media can also be used to show your company in a positive way. For example, you can maintain a clean social media presence and showcase your company’s efforts to help the community. As a result of these efforts, you will likely see customers trust your business more. Remember, you can use social media sites like Facebook and Twitter to create an informative profile that showcases your business as a responsible business.


8. Can Improve Customer Satisfaction

Businesses that use social media sites to improve customer satisfaction experience higher levels of repeat business. For example, you can use social media sites to survey your customers and ask them for valuable feedback about your company. Furthermore, you can use social media sites like Facebook and Twitter to provide customers with direct communication with your company.


9. Helps You to Manage Risks

Using social media also helps you to manage risks. For example, if you have a brand new product or service, social media sites like Facebook and Twitter can help you gather valuable feedback before going live with the product or service. In addition, using social media allows you to gather valuable market insights from your audience.


10. Helps You to Save Time

In addition to the above, using social media can also help you to save time. For example, if you have a great idea for an eCommerce website or an app, using social media can help you quickly validate whether or not your idea is worth investing in. Also, using social media can help you connect with friends and contacts who may be able to provide feedback about your business idea.


Salt Rank – Kansas City Social Media Marketing Firm

In conclusion, using social media on your own or with the help of a Kansas City social media marketing firm can help you boost your sales this holiday season. As a result, you should use all of your available resources to develop an effective social media marketing plan that will allow you to reach your audience in a compelling way.


Looking to kickstart your social media marketing before the holidays? Get in touch with us today and learn how Salt Rank can help you increase customer satisfaction on social media. Like salt can enhance flavor in a dish, we can enhance your results on social media. For more information, be sure to contact us today!

Better Blogging: 15 SEO Best Practices You Need to Implement

If you’re a blogger, chances are that you’ve heard a lot about SEO. SEO is the process of driving traffic to your blog through the search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo and gaining better rankings on search results. This blog post will provide some tips for getting started with SEO by providing 10 basic best practices that bloggers can implement to enjoy better blog rankings and drive more traffic to their blogs through the use of Kansas City SEO services.


1. Use Title Tags

Every blog post needs to have a Meta title tag, and it is important that you use the keyword that you are trying to rank for in this title. In addition, you should include the same keyword in your blog post’s header tags or H1 tags. When you have these two things in place, you will be able to create a better SEO strategy.


2. Use Keyword Rich Headers and Descriptions

It is important that every blog post has relevant keywords as part of its header tags, but it also helps if you throw these keywords into the description of your blog posts as well. You should always try to get your keywords into the header and description.


3. Choose Appropriate Keywords

Using words that are related to your blog post’s main topic will help increase your blog’s search traffic through the use of relevant keywords. The process is simple—all you have to do is find a number of related words that can be used in the title tag, H1 tag, or H2 tags for a blog post and use them in place of the keywords you would normally be using for that text.


4. Create Useful Content

You can have all the right keywords in place, but if the content of your blog posts is not useful, readers will leave your site. Search engines put less weight on keywords in blog text that are not helpful to their users. By creating useful content, you will get more traffic to your blog and rank better in search engines.


5. Link to Relevant Sites

One of the best ways to gain better search engine rankings is by getting other sites to link to yours. This is not as easy as it sounds, however, since you need a lot of good links for this method to work well for you. One way of doing this is by participating actively in discussion forums like Quora or Yahoo Answers and answering questions that are relevant to your blog posts.


6. Avoid Link Schemes

Link schemes are a way that search engines can determine if you are trying to game the system or have other ulterior motives for using them. Paying someone to do this for you is against search engine guidelines, so avoid doing this at all costs. This can result in your blog losing rankings and traffic in search engines.


7. Never Double up on Blog Posts

It is important to avoid double posting. Search engines penalize sites that do this by giving less weight to their blog posts. It is always better to be safe than sorry, so avoid double posting at all costs. Instead, make sure that your blog posts are unique.


A woman typing on her computer while sitting at her desk 

8. Use the Right Tags for Your Blogs

Keywords in the tags of your blog post or even the title tag can help you to rank better in search engines. The same applies to descriptions that you use for your blog posts. It’s always better to include relevant keywords in these rather than copying from a blog post’s title or description.


9. Incorporate the Use of Kansas City SEO Services

It is easier to rank better for your blog posts if you use a Kansas City SEO Company that specializes in this niche. Not only does it help to gain these rankings, but it will also allow you to enjoy better traffic from search engines.


10. Use Internal Links

Having page links for all your posts will help other visitors find more information about the topics that you have discussed in your blog. You should always make sure that every blog post is linked to another on your blog as much as possible. This is a great way to improve your search engine rankings and traffic.


11. Create an SEO Friendly Header Tag

Whenever you create a blog post title or header tag, make sure that it is SEO friendly and uses keywords that are relevant to your blog post topic. Avoid making your header tags too long, and be sure not to use irrelevant keywords.


12. Optimize Your Blog Post Form

Create a blog post form or use a plugin to improve conversion. If you’re getting a lot of traffic from search engines, then you most likely are using an RSS feed. This could be on your blog or on another site like Feedly. The reason that RSS feeds work so well is that they allow your visitors to subscribe to your feed so that they can get updates when you write new entries and when you publish new posts.


13. Write Social Media Links in Your Post Titles

When you write blog posts, make sure to include a link to your social media. This could include your business’s Twitter account, Facebook profile, or Instagram profile in the title of the post. This will help improve your blog’s traffic and chances of being found by other people.


14. Add Author Information to Your Post Titles

When you write blog posts and include a photo of yourself, make sure that the URL to your Facebook page is in your title. This will help people find you, and the more people that are interested in you, the more traffic your blog will get.


15. Use an Image With All Content

Similar to using an image with each post, you should use an image on every page of your blog. You can use an image that is related to the topic that your blog post is about or a picture of you. This will help people remember you and your blog and might even inspire them to start reading more regularly.


Kansas City SEO Services 

When you are ready to integrate SEO into your blog, there will be a lot more to learn, but it is never too late to start. If you have started and it’s been unsuccessful but want to improve, these tips can guide you in the right direction. By implementing these ten best practices for SEO, your blog will be more effective for search engines and get the traffic it deserves.


Salt Rank’s Kansas City SEO services for small businesses and enterprises can help your business grow in new ways you may not have considered. Contact us today to learn how we can help you with your blogging strategy. Like salt can enhance flavor in a dish, we can enhance your blogging efforts.

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