Reach Hyper Targeted Audiences in Very Specific Locations.

Imagine being able to create an ad that will be seen by someone who has walked into a competitor’s building. Imagine advertising your swimming lessons to someone who visited a public pool, or protein powder to someone who visited a local gym, or massage services to someone visiting a physical therapy facility. These are all possible with our Geofencing services.

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Phone carriers collect anonymous location data from 90% of smartphones. We can target these phones with advertising through a massive ad network used by thousands of websites and mobile apps. This combination creates one of the most unique and powerful advertising opportunities that exists in the market today.

Zone Setup

  • First, we work with you to establish which zones you would like to target. We research your market and help determine the best opportunities for driving leads to your business. We’ll look for high traffic locations and come up with the best buildings for foot traffic and targeting.
  • Once the locations determined, we are able to create a tight geofenced box around the entrance of the building, ensuring we don’t accidentally collect traffic from those driving by or parking. We can ensure that all triggered advertisements are sent only to those who have entered the building — a very powerful target.

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Display Ad

We write custom and unique creative (titles and descriptions) to help maximize click-through and conversion rates. We also hand craft custom display ads for a beautiful, engaging ad to create high impact results through our display campaign.

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Landing Page Creation

In order to ensure we do everything we can to deliver a conversion, we will build a custom landing page on your Website as a home for ad clicks. Our Creative team determines the content and outline of the page, ensuring the approach and language will cater to the target that has taken the step of clicking your ad to learn more. Our Web Design & Development team will build out this outline into a custom, clean page. We’ll then implement it into your website.

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Tracking & Analysis

We monitor every aspect of your campaign to keep track of the important variables and make adjustments where needed to build the most effective campaign possible.

Ongoing Performance

We gather performance data, run A/B testing and optimize your campaign to increase its efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Ad Clicks

We will see how many people have clicked on our advertisements. Remember, we only deliver ads to those who have visited our targeted geofenced zones, so every click is a meaningful, targeted click.

Phone Calls

We will set up a call tracking number to use on your landing page and even on the ads themselves, which means we can generate a conversion without even requiring a click.

Website Conversions

Our landing page will feature a simple contact form for collecting lead information. If someone fills out this form, we consider this a conversion, as you now have a lead for your services. For e-commerce sites, we can instead push ads to a product page, in which case we could look at actual sales as a conversion metric.


This is the holy grail of geofencing conversions. If the goal is to bring you physical visitors, we can track how many people walked into your location that were delivered and viewed our advertisement.

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Proven Results


Average High-Value Impressions
Better CTR (Clickthrough Rate) than Industry Average
Walk-In Conversions on Average from Ads