Bring Visitors to Your Website Immediately with Google Ads.

Google Ads enable you to quickly reach relevant customers searching for businesses like yours. You only pay when someone clicks the link or calls your business. Our experienced team will manage your campaign effectively to maximize your budget and ensure that every click can become a valuable lead.

Google Adwords Agency

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Keyword Research

We begin by performing keyword research to ensure the campaigns are employing the appropriate keywords.

Research Goals

  • Determine your target market
  • Discover search terms for your market
  • Select the best search terms that target your market with good search volume, low competition and low bid costs

Landing Page Creation

We’ll build a custom landing page for your Website as a home for ad clicks. Our creative team determines the content and outline of the page, ensuring the approach and language will cater to your target.

Landing Page Goals

  • Design and develop a sleek and enticing page to showcase the offering
  • Write targeted copy to help sell the offering and entice the visitor to take an actionable step
  • Create simple paths to conversion through contact forms and clear contact information
  • Optimize for all screen sizes such as mobile and desktop

Ad Creation

We write custom and unique Google Search ads to help maximize click through and conversion rates. We also hand craft custom, engaging display ads to create high-impact results through our display campaign.

We are always testing new ad concepts and comparing results to find the ads that generate the most cost-effective path to new leads seeking your

  • Promote your offerings quickly and effectively
  • Draw clicks from the right audience with the highest likelihood of converting
  • Enable a quick phone call for immediate lead generation
  • Promote your offerings quickly and effectively
  • Draw clicks from the right audience with the highest likelihood of converting
  • Enable a quick phone call for immediate lead generation

Campaign Setup

Once the landing page and ads are created, we work with your team to implement tracking codes to aid in tracking conversions.

We’ll also include a free tracking phone number to be able to analyze how many phone calls are being generated from our campaign.


Ads Campaign Setup


Salt Rank’s approach is different from what I normally see in the space and most importantly, they get results. Their pricing model is also very practical for small and medium sized businesses.”

Chris Brown

Founder, Venture Legal



Adwords Management Agency

Bid Management

We need to bid appropriately to ensure your ad is at the top of the front page on Google. Keyword bid prices depend on market and location. We optimize your bid on an ongoing basis to ensure that we generate the highest number of targeted clicks at the lowest cost possible.

A/B Testing

We gather performance data to understand which cost-per-click bid, keyword and ad combinations are working best. Our primary goal is to establish profitability by comparing costs to revenues.

Visitor Behavior Analysis

We use analytical tracking to determine who the landing page visitors are, and what they do when they visit the page.

Keyword Management

We continually optimize keywords for search phrases that will attract clicks that may lead to new business. By adding negative keywords to campaigns, we can ensure our ad doesn’t show up in irrelevant searches and eliminate bad clicks.

Google Ads Management Services

Ongoing Performance Optimization

We constantly monitor, test and optimize your campaign to increase its efficiency and cost-effectiveness. We look at demographic data, performance reports, and even dig through every click to prevent unqualified clicks, decrease the cost-per click and improve conversions.

Tracking and Analysis

We monitor every aspect of your campaign to keep track of the important variables and make adjustments where needed to build the most effective and efficient campaign possible.

Monthly Reporting

We perform monthly analysis and provide an extensive but simple report which fully details our work, ad performance/spend, and a summary outlining what we’ve accomplished. Our monthly report breaks down important daily numbers such as clicks, average position, cost-per-click, click-through-rate, conversions, and more.

We also provide access to Google AdWords so you can view your campaign in real-time whenever you’d like.

Google Ads Management Services


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