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Search engines drive the majority of online traffic. We‘ve built a white hat SEO process that can help ensure your website will appear in one of the top spots on the front page of search results.

Affordable SEO Services

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Competitor Analysis

We perform a full analysis of your industry and determine the most impactful areas to focus. We then look at your competitors and analyze their current strategies and keywords to find the paths of least resistance.

Keyword Research and Target List Preparation

The success of search engine marketing largely depends on selecting the right keywords. Understanding what your target audience is searching for online helps you connect with people who are looking for your products or services.
With the information we have gathered, we will prepare a list of 15 targeted keywords.

Website Structure

SEO starts with your website’s structure.

Key Steps

  • We audit your Website and implement needed page improvements for SEO value. We fix any errors or issues, including optimizing code, updating header and alt tags, etc.
  • We create Meta tags to correlate with the prepared keyword list (Title, Keywords, Description) after identifying the pages and their target keywords.
  • We perform optimizations, which include making sure your Website is W3C Compliant.
  • We then edit and improve the contents of the Web pages to increase the effectiveness of search engine crawls.

Tracking Tools

We will include multiple ways to measure the performance and progress of a campaign through tracking and analysis. This type of approach will help determine what may or may not be working and can provide valuable information to adjust the campaign as needed.

Tracking and Analysis

  • Sitemap and Robot files
  • Data Schemas and Snippets
  • Google Analytics and Google Search Console for monitoring
  • Other SEO Keyword tracking and analysis tools

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Small Business SEO Solutions

Content Strategy

Google wants to display relevant results. Google’s crawler visits your website regularly to find out how often it’s updated. Regularly updating your Website with fresh content is the best way to improve your score on Google’s ranking system.

The longer people spend on your page reading and scrolling, the more Google increases your score.


Each month, our content team explores your industry and identifies possible ideas on how to add value to your site visitors and create readership. We create topics that strategically harmonize with our search keyword strategy, while focusing on what your readers will find interesting. Our content team deeply researches these topics and comes up with fun and informative blogs that will represent you as a thought leader in your industry.


An important part of the process of establishing strong backlinks and increasing your Google rank is distributing unique and impactful content to third-party sources. Each month, our team comes up with an industry-tailored topic that is specifically focused on implementing our campaign keywords, while adding value and representing your business as an expert.

SEO Link Building Services

Link Building

When other sites link to your website, Google increases your value. For example, if an article references your website, your score improves. We spent years establishing a proprietary formula of linking through key sources, constantly evolving our system based on the latest Google algorithm changes. This link building process enables us to consistently and effectively impact your ranking.

We will be submitting links to your website to various outlets such as web directories, social media profiles and even classified ads on a regular basis.

Business Listings & Citations

It’s important for your business to show up on local directories and maps. We submit and manage listings and citations across the most popular services so customers can find you, no matter where they are looking.

Google My Business is one of the most powerful and underutilized ways to improve your online visibility and local ranking. We will create (if needed) and manage your Google My Business listing, including posting regularly on its built-in social feed.

SEO Link Building Services
Professional Search Engine Optimization Services

Website Optimizations

We optimize your website on an ongoing basis for better search engine indexing.

We monitor changes to the Google algorithm and continually optimize your website accordingly. With any algorithm changes, we make strategy adjustments to ensure we’re always maximizing the impact of our SEO process.

We ensure that any new pages or changes to your website are always optimized.

We also continually monitor Google Search Console and quickly resolve any issues. Website errors impact your SEO, so we always fix broken pages, broken tags, missing alt tags, meta data, etc.

Reporting & Visitor Behavior Analysis

Our goal is to increase your Google rank and website visitors. We’ll provide a monthly report which will include your changes in search ranking and traffic, so you’ll know the exact results of our efforts.

Key Metrics

  • Google Rank
  • Search Visitors
  • Rank vs. Competitors


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